Senior School Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Year 9 (Grade 8)
Key Stage 4 Years 10 and 11 (Grades 9 & 10)
Key Stage 5 Years 12 and 13 (Grades 11 & 12)

Senior School - Ages 13-18

Although AGS largely follows the National Curriculum for England, given our international status we will be able to creatively devise broad based programmes of study which are geared to further extend our students learning as they make the transition through Prep into Senior School and beyond. As an inclusive school we promote both Gifted and Talented schemes of work in addition to providing support in areas such as English as a second language, to those students who would benefit from these kinds of intervention.

Our aim is to provide stimulating learning experiences that fully engage individuals, inspire them to strive to reach their full potential and give them the confidence to embrace success by creating realistic and well-resourced pathways through to the end of KS5. As they are able to explore a variety of different subjects along with facilitating wider learning situations, we give our students the opportunity to leave AGS with academic qualifications that enable them to move effectively forward into adulthood. Academic expectation remains high and reflects the necessary rigour to allow our students to be confident and competitive in their chosen career.


During Year 9 (Grade 8) in KS3 our students study a similar range of subjects to those undertaken in the Key Stage 2 phase of the Prep School. They learn to greater depths, including how to apply their skills and knowledge appropriately. This adds to their understanding of the skill requirements of each of the subjects that are on offer in KS4. By the time the students choose their IGCSE options in year 9, they are in an excellent position to make informed choices based on their own experience.


At AGS we will have the flexibility to provide IGCSE courses at KS4 and subject specialist teachers, who have extensively researched each Board and its specifications, are instrumental in the decision regarding which exam course is best suited to our students. We aim to provide all students with a large number of options catering for the needs and future aspirations of each child.


This stage will complement and extend all that is on offer in KS4 education so that our students have clear directions to follow as they move through Senior School into their final phase before University. Careers guidance will be on offer to all students and help with choosing a University which is right for them, wherever in the world that may be, will be a key feature of the Sixth Form.