Curriculum Overview

A’soud Global School (AGS), Muscat, follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the National Curriculum for England, adapted to suit the requirements of our children in an international setting. At the senior end of the school, students follow a combination of IGCSE and ‘A’ Levels chosen from an extensive range of subjects.

In all areas throughout the school, we adopt a student centred approach based around our core values of respect, hard work and good manners. We fully believe in preparing students to take their next step into the wider world and as a result, make their learning opportunities as engaging, interactive and real as possible.

As a British international school based within Oman, our curriculum also includes Arabic for all students and Islamic Education for our Muslim members of the community. All primary children from the age of five, are taught by specialists in Music, Theatre and Drama, Arabic, Physical Education and Swimming. Within Secondary, every subject will have its own specialist teachers who are experienced in teaching the curriculum across the age ranges.

What will make our school so special is also the emphasis that is placed upon the wider aspects of the curriculum. We will provide a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme that the majority of students will participate in, along with local, national and international trips, excursions and tours.

We will also have numerous student led groups such as the School Council, "Eco- Monitors" and "Prefects" to name a few, as a way of encouraging the students to take on additional responsibilities, be role models for younger students and to develop their self-awareness in conjunction with leadership skills.

We are always looking at ways to enrich the lives of our students even further and therefore our curriculum will always be evolving.

For more details on each of the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School Curriculums please see the relevant section of the website.